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Arrow of Light Award Sign

IMG_4334 cropped

Arrow of Light Sign — an award sign for earning the Arrow of Light in Scouts. This award plaque measures 7 x 16. It is a nicely routed board painted navy blue with yellow lettering. It comes customized with the scout’s name on it.


1 Finished Sign = $20.00 + $8.00 shipping unless you want to pick it up

1 Sign Kit (includes routed, sanded wood and customized vinyl) = $15.00 + $8.00 shipping

2-4 Finished Signs = $18.00 each + $10.00 total shipping

5 or more Finished Signs = $15.00 each + shipping – email for quote

Vinyl only is also available for those that want to cut their own wood – $6.00 +$5.00 shipping for one.  The shipping is $5.00 for up to 10 and the vinyl is $5.00 each for 2 or more.

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life

img_7625-cropped.jpg  This is an adorable sign measuring 9.5 x 9.5 inches square.  Pictured here painted lime green with white writing and hanging from a white ribbon.  Kit price: $15.00  Finished: $21.00

I’m in my own little world, but it’s okay, they know me here

img_7613-cropped.jpg  This is a fun little sign that measures 3 x 11 inches and stands on its own.  Pictured here painted bright red with white lettering.  Kit price: $9.00  Finished: $14.00

Home Sweet Homeschool

img_7641-cropped.jpg  This sign measures 5.5 x 14 inches and has nicely routed edges.  Pictured here painted cream with tan and black lettering.  Kit price: $18.00   Finished: $23.00

Young Women Values

img_7577-cropped.jpg Formal

  img_7580-cropped.jpg  Casual

These Young Women Value signs have all eight values on them.  They measure 8 x 8 inches square.  Offered in two different styles, they are a great addition to any teenage girl room.  Kit price: $8.00  Finished: $15.00


img_7611-cropped.jpg  Whoever said winning isn’t everything has never had to fight cancer.   This sign measures 4 x 16 inches.  Pictured here painted black with grey and white lettering.  Kit price: $18.00  Finished: $23.00

Housework can kill you…


This sign measures 3 x 11 and stands on it’s own.  Kit price: $9.00  Finished: $14.00

If it weren’t for the last minute…


A fun little sign.  Measures 3 x 11 inches and stands on it’s own.  Kit price: $9.00  Finished: $14.00

Music is a world within itself…


Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand.  This sign measures 5 1/2 x 24 inches and has nicely routed edges.  Kit price: $20.00  Finished: $25.00

Garden, there’s magic in the dirt


A great gift for that special Gardener in your life.  It measures 4 x 13 inches.  Pictured here painted cream with dark brown lettering.  Kit price: $11.00  Finished: $16.00

I have flying monkeys…

This is a fun sign and is pictured here in 2 different ways. 

img_5197-cropped.jpg The first one measures 3 x 11 inches.  Kit price: $9.00   Finished: $14.00

img_5214-cropped.jpg The second one measures 2 1/2 x 16 inches and has a monkey on either side of the quote.  Kit price: $11.00  Finished: $16.00

Class of…


This sign makes a great personalized graduation gift – from high school or college.  It measures 3 1/2 x 20 inches.  Kit price: $18.00  Finished: $23.00

May the Force be with you


Just a fun little sign for the Star Wars Lovers.  It measures 3 inches high and 11 inches long.  Unfinished: $9.00     Finished: $14.00

Paintball Player

paintball.jpgThis is a fun little sign for that paintball guru you know.  It measures 3 inches high by 11 inches long.  Kit Price: $9.00     Finished: $14.00

No Adults


This is a great sign to hang outside your front door.  It measures 5 inches high by 11 inches long and has 2 drilled holes in the top where ribbon is fed through.  It comes on nicely routed wood.  The one pictured is in black and white but it can be done in any color.  It can be ordered without the holes as well.  Unfinished: $15.00    Finished: $21.00

Life is a Banquet


This is a really fun sign. It measures 11 1/2 x 11 1/2.  It is black routed wood with white lettering and colorful silk flowers.  Unfinished: $20.00  Finished: $30.00

Smile, it’s the second best thing…

img_2743-copy.jpgThis is a fun one.  You have to have a real sense of humor for this one.  It measures 4 x 9 and can be done in other colors.  Unfinished: $9.00    Finished: $14.00

Please Remove Your Shoes

img_3371-copy.jpg This is a great sign to hang by your door to politely ask your guests to remove their shoes.  Shown here in cream and brown, but can be done in other colors as well.  Measures 4 inches high by 13 inches long and has a nicely routed edge.  Unfinished: $14.00   Finished: $19.00

Important things – fishing


These signs are great for those who love to fish.  They measure 5 inches high by 11 inches long.  They come with or without a fish icon – your choice.  Unfinished: $10.00 Finished: $15.00



Another option for this sign is “just one of the many services we provide”  This sign is available in 2 sizes.  The larger size measures 5  1/2 inches tall by 17 inches wide and had a nicely routed edge.  Kit price: $15.00  Finished: $20.00   The smaller size measures 3 x 11 inches and sits nicely on a desk or a shelf.  Kit price: $9.00   Finished price: $14.00   The larger sign is pictured here in black with tan writing.  Other colors can be used as well.